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Dr. Sheikh Ismail is a licensing manager for the Texas A&M Innovation in the areas of engineering and health sciences. Collectively, he has more than 20 years of research and faculty experience, including the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Radiation Oncology and Head & Neck Surgery departments. Ismail is a dedicated professional skillful in project management, license agreements, negotiations, interinstitutional agreements, process improvement and team leadership, and enthusiastic to further develop an entrepreneurial culture among faculty investigators. Prior to joining Texas A&M, he worked at University of Houston’s Office of Intellectual Property Management for more than seven years and has experience in dealing with inventions in the areas of advanced materials, energy, medical devices, optics, biopharma, biotech, software and copyrights. He has extensive experience in the Technology Gap Fund, industry partnerships, faculty startups and small business development, and has passion for effective transfer of university-wide technology to industry.

Dr. Ismail received a master’s degree in Zoology and Endocrinology and a Ph.D. in Life Sciences. He has published twenty-three scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, given multiple oral presentations, and presented more than fifty scientific abstracts at various conferences, including the Invited Symposium Speaker Series at the American Association for Cancer Research and the Gordon Research Conference.

In his spare time, he enjoys live concerts, cooking, gardening, reading books, real estate, and luxury custom home construction.

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