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Texas A&M Innovation is dedicated to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation while ensuring strict adherence to intellectual property rights and compliance with The Texas A&M University System’s established policies and regulations. Our operational practices are meticulously aligned with the A&M System’s overarching policies, focusing on responsible intellectual property management.

Guided by the principles and directives of The Texas A&M University System policies, our administrative and operational strategies are designed to uphold the highest standards of governance and ethical conduct. These policies, reflective of the Board of Regents’ vision and priorities, provide a structured approach to decision-making and institutional governance. At Texas A&M Innovation, our commitment to professional excellence and ethical integrity ensures that our initiatives fully align with the A&M System’s objectives, fostering an environment conducive to responsible and innovative exploration.

System Policy and Regulations

17.01 Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization

  • This policy establishes principles for the management and administration of intellectual property within The Texas A&M University System in order to ensure that the new ideas, discoveries and technologies arising from research conducted as a part of the educational process are used in the best interest of the system, its members and the public it serves.

17.01.01  Ownership of Intellectual Property and Tangible Research Property

  • This regulation ensures that all The Texas A&M University System employees, students and certain third parties understand the types of intellectual property, the ownership thereof once conceived or developed, and their responsibilities in protecting it.

17.01.02  Evaluation and Protection of Intellectual Property

  • This regulation requires the prompt disclosure of intellectual property and tangible research property, defines the intellectual property disclosure evaluation process, and describes the authorized process for protecting disclosed intellectual property.

17.01.03  Commercial Development of Intellectual Property

  • This regulation describes the process for commercial development of The Texas A&M University System’s intellectual property.

17.01.04  Distribution of Royalties, License Fees and Sale Proceeds from Licensing

  • This regulation defines the proper distribution of the income associated with licensing activities to intellectual property creators and The Texas A&M University System members.

17.01.05 Charitable Gifts and Assignment of Ownership Rights

  • This regulation defines how offers of intellectual property in exchange for royalty returns or charitable gifts to The Texas A&M University System or its members are processed and the assignment of ownership rights to that intellectual property is affected.

17.01.06  New Venture Formation and Related Investment

  • This regulation enables the commercialization of intellectual property through new ventures and defines the process by which The Texas A&M University System is able to receive a return on investment of system resources.

17.01.07  Administration, Oversight and Reporting of Intellectual Property

  • This regulation defines the reporting requirements and role of Texas A&M Innovation in providing oversight for the management of intellectual property owned or controlled by The Texas A&M University System.
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