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Calling All Inventors

Innovation consistently gives rise to transformative technologies, which contribute to scholarly publications and academic discourse and hold the potential for broader societal application. The Texas A&M University System urges its research community to propel its achievements beyond campus confines. Texas A&M Innovation stands ready to assist you in channeling your inventive insights and discoveries toward tangible commercial outputs.

Submit Disclosure

Submit your concept or invention disclosure for review via this platform; our team will follow up on the next steps.


From idea to market, guiding inventors to turn research into market-ready innovations.


Boost commercialization by enhancing funding potential and offering tech development and collaboration programs.


Promoting creativity and innovation, ensuring IP rights and compliance with The Texas A&M University System’s policies.


Review some of the most common questions received by our team about commercialization, disclosing inventions, intellectual property, and more.

Upcoming Events

Our events showcase Texas A&M technology and startups, foster investor relations and talent recruitment, and reflect the innovation within The Texas A&M University System.

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