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Imagine a world free from today’s constraints—what heights could we reach? At Innovation Forward (IF), we dive into this very question. IF brings together visionaries and leaders to tackle pressing issues and pave the way for future advancements. Every “IF” sparks a new breakthrough, and innovation is always the answer.

Define Today’s Challenges

Envision A Better Tomorrow

Shape How We Move Forward

Join us for the inaugural IF2024 event, hosted at the iconic Kyle Field by The Texas A&M University System from November 12-14, 2024. IF2024 is more than a conference; it’s a nexus where the brightest minds converge to forge the future. This year, we focus on critical areas like artificial intelligence and energy. Engage in vital discussions that aim to solve global challenges and guide us toward a more sustainable and efficient world.

IF2024 will explore critical topics shaping our world: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Energy.

Discover how emerging technologies are pivotal in balancing the rising energy demands of a growing global population with the essential task of environmental preservation. At IF2024, dive into discussions on Energy, examining the current state of the market and solutions that address both today’s needs and future challenges.

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping every aspect of our lives, with far-reaching potential across various sectors. However, predicting AI’s long-term effects remains a challenge. Engage with industry leaders as they unravel how AI is currently integrated into Energy efforts and what future developments we might anticipate.

Be part of these vital conversations at IF2024, where innovation meets practicality, guiding us toward a more advanced and informed future.

Who Should Attend?

A must-attend event for innovators and industry leaders focused on engaging with cutting-edge ideas and shaping the future.


Catch the latest updates and insights from IF2024, spotlighting breakthroughs and trends shaping the future of innovation. Don’t miss out! Coming soon.

Future 12

Showcasing 12 top innovations set to revolutionize various industries within 2-3 years, emphasizing our commitment to diverse leadership and widespread innovation. Stay tuned for more information.

Don’t Miss Out

Join us at IF2024, a premier event highlighting Texas A&M University’s legacy of innovation, set in the dynamic heart of the Texas Triangle. This gathering is a collaborative space where ideas blossom into strategies and solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. IF2024 is tailored for those passionate about progress and innovation, ensuring transformative experiences through every interaction and discussion.

We welcome entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, researchers, and government leaders from across the USA and worldwide. As a focal point for pioneering ideas, IF2024 is designed to spark inspiration and drive the development of advanced solutions. Engage with a community committed to propelling progress and join us in building a brighter, more innovative future.

Step into the future—your involvement determines what unfolds next.

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