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Internal Programs

Enhance your research impact and commercialization efforts with the support of Texas A&M Innovation. By partnering with us, you elevate your potential for securing further research funding. Texas A&M, through its dedicated divisions, offers multiple internal programs designed to advance technology development and promote collaborative, interdisciplinary research initiatives.

Translational Investment Fund (TIF)

The Texas A&M Innovation Translational Investment Fund ​(TIF) provides investments into the development of ​disclosed technologies to empower researchers across The ​Texas A&M University System with resources to overcome ​developmental hurdles in early-stage technologies. Faculty ​and staff inventors may apply for investments of up to ​$75,000 to facilitate year-long projects. We focus on ​innovations that meet commercial or industrial needs, with ​the broader vision of generating a positive global impact.

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Advancing Discovery to Market (ADM) Fund

The Texas A&M University Division of Research offers the ADM program, a $5-million internal funding initiative focused on developing the commercial potential of new discoveries.

ADM provides funding at two award levels based on a discovery’s maturity. Type One awards ($99,000 or less) focus on discoveries where an innovation still has early questions that need to be answered, while Type Two awards ($100,000-$500,000) will support projects where a proof-of-concept has been demonstrated but refinement is necessary to advance the innovation toward the market or a startup.

All researchers, faculty, staff and students at Texas A&M or at a partner research agency are encouraged to submit proposals.

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