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Igniting Ideas, Inspiring Change

The Texas A&M University System is a beacon of innovation and progress, with Texas A&M Innovation leading the effort in hosting events such as Innovation Forward (IF2024), Texas A&M New Ventures Competition (TNVC), Innovation Connect, and InnovationU to foster creativity, collaboration, and the advancement of ideas. These gatherings offer unique opportunities to engage with industry leaders, academic pioneers, and visionaries committed to a sustainable future. By participating, you can elevate your brand, contribute to a dynamic culture of innovation, and shape a brighter, idea-rich tomorrow. Explore our events hub to learn how you can be involved in this inspiring journey.

Upcoming Events

Innovation Forward

Join this inaugural event at Kyle Field to explore future-shaping topics in energy, AI, and more with enlightening sessions and networking opportunities.

Sponsor Innovation

Explore sponsorship opportunities to highlight your brand’s innovation commitment and connect with key leaders and thinkers.


Marking 10 years, Texas A&M New Ventures Competition champions turning innovative ideas into successful businesses, connecting startups with funding and growth opportunities.


Immerse yourself in a community passionate about innovation and technology, where industry leaders share their success stories and strategies.

Innovation Connect

Experience a gathering of innovation enthusiasts where leading companies and innovators share insights, fostering collaboration and network expansion.

Innovation Awards

Celebrate Texas A&M inventors’ achievements at the Patent and Chancellor’s Innovation Award program.

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