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Robert Brummett is a Senior Licensing Manager at Texas A&M Innovation. In this role he manages a portfolio of technologies including conventional commodity crops (wheat, sorghum, cotton, and corn), food crops (specialty sorghums, vegetables, stone fruits, and citrus), food processing and food safety technologies, nutritional and food products, ornamental plants, mariculture, animal health and nutrition products, and agricultural engineering technologies. In addition to agricultural technologies, Robert has experience working with inventors on evaluating and licensing general scientific, engineering and physics technologies, including graphene composites, gas detectors, radiographic film readers, roll-to-roll manufacturing equipment, water treatment materials, environmental remediation technologies, and antimicrobial materials.

Robert has worked in university/research licensing for almost two decades. His previous experience includes working as a Licensing Associate at Oklahoma State University and as a graduate assistant/market analyst at the Mid-Continent Technology Transfer Center, a regional NASA technology transfer center. Prior to his tenure in tech transfer, Robert worked for over ten years in the food industry as a production and shipping supervisor, HACCP Coordinator, and corporate food safety auditor.

He earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri and Texas A&M University, respectively.
In his spare time, Robert enjoys dabbling in electronics for automating his home and garden as well as conducting independent research on the saccharification of cereal starches and products created therefrom.

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