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Texas A&M Innovation completed an exclusive license agreement with Texas A&M spinout Bienne Technology, Inc., a startup company based in College Station, TX specializing in nanoprojectile science. Bienne is commercializing a next-generation ion mass spectrometry instrument.

The technology was developed by a team of researchers in the lab of Dr. Emile Schweikert, professor of chemistry at Texas A&M University, who pioneered a novel mode of detecting molecules within dimensions ten thousand times smaller than the diameter of a single hair. This breakthrough in chemical analysis is achieved by accelerating gold nanoparticles to hypersonic velocity and using them to bombard the specimen. The impact causes emissions of matter, which can then be mass analyzed. The size of the “gold bullet” or crater from which the ejecta are collected is about 10-15 nanometers in diameter, or roughly one ten thousandth of a hair. To achieve the unprecedented detection capability, the Texas A&M team developed their own instrumentation and data analysis software.

Bienne Technology, Inc. was founded by Schweikert to further develop and commercialize the hardware, software, training, and maintenance for the innovative mass spectrometry instrument. Delivery of the first-of-its-kind “Nano-Atto Tool” is expected in July 2024 to a major global technology company for use in advancing design of its semiconductor devices. The tool also opens new possibilities related to medical research and diagnostics, holding promise for advancements in early disease detection.

Texas A&M Innovation’s new ventures team works with Texas A&M startup companies like Bienne Technology, Inc. to provide services like mentorship and strategic industry connections that are integral to the success of a new company.

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