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Texas A&M University Texas A&M Innovation struck a deal with Disinfection Innovations, LLC, a San Antonio based company, to license several of Dr. Virender Sharma’s patented ferrate-based technologies in September of 2020. Dr. Sharma, a professor at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, is widely known for his work with ferrate and has recently been featured by the Texas Water Resources Institute and Environmental International for the advances he has made in his field.

The company is using the technology portfolio to create environmentally friendly surface disinfectants. What is interesting and unique about these technologies is that they provide an environmentally friendly and low-cost method of using activated liquid ferrate, a powerful oxidant that kills pathogenic bacteria and spores, as a “green” alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals. We look forward to partnering with Disinfection Innovations, LLC to see the technologies further developed and maximize the positive impact on the public through various potential market applications.


Media Contact: Jennifer Briggs

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