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CryoL, LLC, has licensed the rights from The Texas A&M University System to commercialize Texas A&M technology that cryogenically captures carbon dioxide from flue gases emitted by plants that produce electricity, fuels, chemicals, cement, and steel.  To reduce the severity of the cryogenic separation, their novel process pressurizes the flue gas.  It achieves up to 98% removal of carbon dioxide, as well as over 99.99% removal of SO2 and NOx pollutants.

This technology addresses a critical need in industries that combust fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas.  Currently, 83% of global energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, so this technology impacts nearly every industry.

This partnership with Texas A&M allows CryoL to commercialize this novel approach, which employs many cost-saving innovations, such as advanced gas drying, efficient low-cost compressors, and highly integrated optimized thermodynamic cycles.  Importantly, to reduce energy consumption, the process utilizes waste heat, which often accompanies carbon dioxide emissions.

A recent techno-economic study indicates that removing carbon dioxide from a 600-MW coal-fired power plant will cost about $25/ton CO2 captured.  Included in this estimate is the cost of pressurizing the carbon dioxide to 150 bar, which allows it to be sequestered in saline aquifers, or other suitable geological formations.  If the CryoL process is added to an existing coal-fired power plant, the SO2 and NOx scrubbers can be turned off, which saves about $3/ton CO2 captured. If the CryoL process is added to a new coal-fired power plant, SO2 and NOx scrubbers are not required, which saves about $15/ton CO2 captured.  In the latter scenario, the net cost is only $10/ton CO2 captured.

CryoL, LLC, is a start-up company recently formed to commercialize the technology developed at Texas A&M by chemical engineering professors, Drs. Mark Holtzapple and Faruque Hasan, and graduate student, Sadaf Monjur. Dr. Hasan is an expert in computational modeling, design, optimization, and intensification towards discovering innovative processes for energy and environmental sustainability.  Dr. Holtzapple has been recognized as the most prolific inventor in the Texas A&M System, and is an expert in sustainable technologies, including high-efficiency compressors and engines, water desalination, electricity storage, and biomass conversion to chemical and fuels.

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